Awesome video of skating in Ericeira

I started skateboarding in 1985 and only continued for about 5 years, so I confess I am a bit out of date when it comes to equipment, tricks, etc. About 21 years out of date if I’m bothered to do the math.

My skateboards were fish shaped (each had a tail and a nose), large, concave and had plastic tail guards, rails and coping on the trucks. Not long after I stopped skating, boards became smaller, flatter and more stripped down. The wheels changed from soft and big to small and hard. Back in the 80s my JFA, Santa Cruz and Skull Skates decks were equipped with wide Independent trucks and huge Powell Peralta III or Rat Bones wheels.

Sure, there are plenty of long boards, cruisers and retro models out there now, but I’m pushing 40 and can’t summon the kind of enthusiasm I had as a 12 year old in 1985, holding my first issue of Thrasher magazine. When I’m strolling on the Paradão in Estoril, Portugal I see a few, mostly older, skaters leisurely cruising on these models, but most kids have the new (new for me, anyway) skateboards that are basically a combination of the classic 80s deck and old freestyle boards.

80s skateboard; photo by baptfrack (Flickr CC)

Last week I posted about the new Quicksilver Boardriders surf shop and skate park in Ericeira, now the largest skate park in Portugal. This place promises to draw more surfers, skaters and BMXers to Ericeira from all over Portugal, Europe and the world. Already a hub for surfing, the new skate and surf shop, skate park and this summer’s free music concerts surely help to put Ericeira, Portugal even more on the skateboarding map.

Check out this video of skaters shredding at the new Boardriders skate park in Ericeira. I’m amazed how much things have changed since my day in terms of style, tricks and skill level. Holy cow, these kids rip!

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