Ben Fogle falls for surfing in Portugal

UK television presenter and all around action man Ben Fogle has fallen for surfing during a family holiday in Portugal, both figuratively and literally.

From an article by Ben Fogle in the Telegraph:

I turned the board and paddled as hard as I could, it began to move and soon picked up speed. With one deft move I flicked my feet on to the board and adopted the surfing pose, my arms aloft for balance. For a fleeting moment I felt like a surfing dude, as I glided across the ocean… then I fell head first into the water, where I was tumbled like a pair of boxer shorts in a washing machine. I picked myself up and headed back into the surf.

I haven’t seen much of Ben Fogel’s material, but according to his own biography he’s pretty impressive. Working in a turtle sanctuary and orphanage in Latin America, running across Antarctica and the Sahara, helping out with various environmental and humanitarian charities… sounds like a pretty decent guy. Sure, he’s got an a bit of a posh accent and is all over the telly, but so what?

I’m surprised such an adventure slash action guy hadn’t surfed before. He’s campaigned for SAS (Surfers Against Sewage, not the airline) but that was more about cleaning up beaches than surfing. Who would want to surf in rainy, windy old England anyway?

I’ve been involved in environmental issues for years and I’m passionate about the outdoors. A seemingly clean beach can actually have huge amounts of litter and rubbish just hidden beneath the surface, it’s a bit like sweeping rubbish under the carpet. The Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project makes tackling environmental issues fun and an activity that everyone can get involved with.

–Ben Fogle on the SAS/Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project in 2012

I for one am interested in a new UK TV series where Ben Fogle visits people who have abandoned society to live on their own in the wild. What can I say? Hermits fascinate me.

Read about that in the Guardian.

Ben Fogle surfing

Ben Fogle promoting one of his books in York, pic: City of York Council UK

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