Ericeira in the news

I’ve looked at a couple of recent news stories on Ericeira, Surfcamp Portugal from the Portuguese media, which might be of interest to those who wish to visit for a surfing holiday or just hang out on the gorgeous beaches, visit the historic fishing village and enjoy the sites.

I recommend checking out this video report on Ericeira from Portugal’s news channel TVI 24. It has some cool scenes of modern and historical Ericeira, a surf cam and an interview with a local surfboard maker. If you don’t understand Portuguese it’s still worth watching for the beautiful scenery. If you do speak the language, you might not be able to make much out anyway, as the sound quality is so poor.

The video is part of a series of reports on Portugal’s beaches by TVI 24, which took place over the month of July.

Next there’s a short article from one of Portugal’s daily national newspapers, called Público.

The story tells of how a volunteer team of around 40 divers is planning to clean up the sea floor near the port of Ericeira, after a photo revealed 200-300 kilos of trash lying on the ocean bottom near the fishing jetty. Such a cleaning operation has never taken place before at this location. The operation was planned for July 31st, and so has most likely already taken place.

Though the surfing beaches of Ericeira are remarkably clean and unspoiled, the fishing port itself, where the cleanup was planned, suffers from some pollution and litter.

Well done, divers of Ericeira!

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