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Since there are no news sources (that I can find) reporting Eurosurf results in English I thought I’d give a quick update. And since I can’t read Italian or French very well, I’ll be translating from Portuguese news sites’ coverage of the Eurosurf results for 2013.

Though the Portuguese team is fighting to maintain its title, there have been complaints From the president of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, João Aranha, regarding the judging, which he thinks is biased against the Portuguese team. But then he would, wouldn’t he?

On to the Eurosurf results.

Unfortunately the reigning champions, the Portuguese national surf team, have already lost competitors in the longboard category. In the second day of competition on Santa Bárbara Beach, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal, the home team suffered two defeats with both Ruben Silva and Luís Esteves being eliminated in the fourth round.

Other Eurosurf results for Portugal include a slightly better showing in the women’s division, with two female bodyboarders, Maria Abecasis and Ana Sarmento, hanging in there, but falling into Repechage round where they will have to compete against one another as well as against teammate Catarina Sousa in the same heat.

Wins in the men’s bodyboard division include Hugo Pinheiro winning both his heats and thereby qualifying for the finals and Manuel Centeno winning his third round after losing in the second to Spain’s Guillermo Cobo and France’s Martin Mouradian.

In the surf open category, Marlon Lipke, José Ferreira, João Guedes and Filipe Jervis passed all of their heats of the second qualifying round with Ferreira and Guedes coming first.

Finally in the older divisions, Ruben Gonzalez won his second round heat for surfers over 28 years of age (is that really “senior”?) and Rodrigo Herédia debuted winning his first round heat in the over 35 master division.

(source: Record)

Check out a photo gallery from the action so far at Azores Eurosurf 2013 on Surf Portugal.

Complete Eurosurf results from the 2013 competition in the Azores can be found on the European Surfing Federation website.

eurosurf results

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