Moche series results

The complete Moche series results are in: Australian Adam Melling wins the series, while Brazil’s Jádson André is victorious at the Cascais Billabong Pro event and a new ASP European Champion has been crowned – France’s Jeremy Flores.

Melling (28) received a tidy $50,000 US for his victory of the inaugural edition of the Cascais Trophy. The 23-year-old Jádson André spoke about his victory in Cascais and his hopes for the upcoming Billabong Pipe Masters at Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii:

This is amazing. Portugal is a very special place for me. I was ISA world champion here, when I qualified in 2009 I was 100% sure after the Azores and right now I was needing a big result and a win over here is going to be really important again. I’ve been training a lot, working out and trying a lot of boards, so to win that contest is a special moment. I feel relieved way more that I can explain. There’s still two events left in Hawaii, I know I’m really close but I don’t want to speak too fast. I want to go to Hawaii and try to surf my best. I made my goal for the year– that was to go there without needing too big a result.

Both Melling and André were the only competitors to score a perfect 10 at the contest. 28-year-old Flores, the new ASP European champ, has now moved into number 18 in the ASP world rankings. Flores surfs for France, but is from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. See for more on the story and full Moche series results. For a photo gallery of the event go to Surf Portugal.

From an official press release:

The Reunion Island surfer clinched this new Continental trophy which was also chased by Spanish surfer Jonathan Gonzalez, by reaching the semi finals of the Cascais Prime event in Portugal. Despite being defeated by Jadson Andre (Bra) in semis (14.14 pts vs 9.44 pts), Jeremy adds a new podium to his list of achievements and starts a new cycle after his last two difficult events in France and Portugal where he surfed with a foot injury.

Congratulations to all those who gave their all and triumphed at Cascais, making the first Moche series results so exciting.

Moche series results

Jeremy Flores. Pic: David Sherwood (Flickr CC)

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