Pro surf news from Portugal!

Most of you who follow the professional surfing circuit probably already know the main results of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal competition held last week in Peniche.

American Kelly Slater was beaten in the finals by Brazil’s Adriano da Souza, but Slater is still on course to win his 11th World Surfing Championship.

Da Souza had this to say about Slater, from

Kelly (Slater) has been my hero since I ever heard about surfing. He is a living legend and to be competing against him at this level is more than a dream come true. He has pushed me more than any other surfer and I owe him a lot. The waves have been incredible for this event. Thanks to Rip Curl for bringing us here and thanks to all the Portuguese who have supported me throughout the event.

According to a piece in Australia’s Daily Telegraph, older athletes are shining brighter than ever before in top competition. The article names the 39-year old Kelly Slater as an example of mature athletes who lead in their respective sports

Click here to watch the final between Slater and da Souza on YouTube.

photo by allannn (Flickr CC)

In other Portuguese surfing news, the biggest wave of the year was caught at Praia do Norte in Nazaré by extreme surfer Garrett McNamara.

From Surfing Today:

The big swell arrived on Sunday, but the major peak was reached Monday. On that day, McNamara and CJ Macias caught 20-metre wave towed-in by jet skis. Garrett had the opportunity to paddle in a 15-metre wave, despite the wind and swell conditions.

Check out this video of McNamara and others tow surfing in Nazaré, Portugal last year, accompanied by some Portuguese hardcore punk music.

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