Surf art in Ericeira: Skeleton Sea

Skeleton Sea is a collective of surfers/artists/environmentalists who create surf art with ecological themes. At the group’s core are four artists: João Parrinha and Luis de Dios from Portugal, German Xandi Kreuzeder and England’s Fran Crowe.

surf art

“Bin Tin” – surf art by Xandi Kreuzeder, Luis de Dios, Joao Parrinha. Source:

Skeleton Sea’s surf art incorporates a range of found and recycled materials such as beach trash, bones, driftwood, flotsam and jetsam, which have been transformed by the sea. These surfers’ goal is to keep the oceans clean, using their artistic creativity to at once tidy up the beach and create surf art with a positive message.

From the Skeleton Sea homepage:

During the breaks in between surfing we began to salvage the precious objects: very old Chinese glass buoys wrapped in ropes, lots of brightly polished whale and fish bones, fishermen’s buoys of all kind, up to 1.5 metre thick rusty oil rig buoys, wooden and rusty metal parts of ship wrecks, porcelain pieces and a lot of other things.

The ecological surf art of the Skeleton Sea collective is at once industrial and natural. It can be both haunting (especially in the case of Parrinha and Kreuzeder’s “Albatross Exhibitionist) and humorous. My personal favorites are the metal fish, but it’s all very artistically steam punk and I tend to like most of it. Skeleton Sea’s art has been exhibited in locations as varied as Portugal, Germany, Spain, Japan, Kenya and Abu Dhabi. Check out a collection of their works here.

In addition to making coastal surf art installations, Skeleton Sea has recently launched a new clothing line in cooperation with Ericeira Surf & Skate shop. The environmentally friendly surf clothes are constructed entirely of recycled fabrics.

From an official press release:

For the summer 2013 we created a collection of 2 men’s board shorts, 12 men’s shirts and four women’s shirts. The designs we did were influenced by our art, by our message and last but not least by what we like to wear.

The clothing line will be officially launched with a street festival on Friday, May 31st in front of the Ericeira Surf & Skate shop.

Be there or beware, because the Hippocamp may be coming for you!

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