Surf film festival: Portugal to New York

Two recent surf film festivals prominently feature Portugal: one coming up in Porto, (Portugal’s second largest city) and another that was held last month in New York. And while New York might not be much of a surfing town, it definitely knows film.

The International Porto Surf Film Festival 2014 will only be the second edition of the hopefully annual event. 2014 will feature a short film competition entitled Short Rides. Films under 30 minutes from any country will be accepted. And it’s not just surfing in the strictest sense, but submissions covering all water-based board sports including windsurfing, bodyboarding and kitesurfing are welcome

From the Portuguese American Journal:

We are looking for films that embed ocean values, the spirit of surfing, and the passion for waves. We want that those who have never experienced may feel the desire to wear a wetsuit for the first time.

–International Porto Surf Film Festival 2014 organizer Carlos Rui Ribeiro

On the other side of the Atlantic another surf film festival recently took place in New York City. Two Portuguese films received honorable mentions at the New York Surf Film Festival in October. Director Hélio Valentim’s short film Soul of a Carnation  (runtime only 9 minutes) documents surfing during Portugal’s dictatorship. It follows the life of a surfer from the 50s into the 70’s when the dictatorship ended with start of the Carnation Revolution on April 25th, 1974.

The other Portuguese entry is a long film (60 minutes) called The North Canyon: Nazaré Calling with Garrett McNamara, which documents the month running up to McNamara’s now-famous big wave ride. Garrett McNamara co-directed the feature with Paulo Caldeira, Polvo Concepts and Gustavo Neves.

Visit the New York Surf Film Festival website for more information and to view trailers for all films.

Also check out the Facebook page for the International Porto Surf Film Festival 2014.

Pic: Lil’ El (Flickr CC)
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