Surf Lessons Portugal

Looking for surf lessons Portugal? Head to the capital of European surfing: Ericeira. Just 35 km (22 miles) northwest of the vibrant capital city of Lisbon, Ericeira is the perfect place to mix fun, sun and learning how to surf with an incredible cultural holiday in southwestern Europe. What better place for surf lessons Portugal than Ericeira, the only official World Surfing Reserve on the continent?

Due to the consistent wave conditions, dry, warm weather and numerous top surf spots in and around the area, Ericeira is perfect for surf lessons Portugal. With reefs, beaches and breaks with small, medium and large waves all near the camp, you’ll have easy access to a variety of spots suitable for all skill levels.

All our surf lessons Portugal are provided by qualified instructors with decades of experience and European or Australian licences for surfing standards. Besides surf lessons Portugal, they’ll provide students with an intimate knowledge of the best local spots and expert judgement of surfing conditions.

What beginners will learn at surf lessons Portugal:

Position — Learn how to place yourself on the board for paddling out into the surf; stomach down with your feet at the tail of the board and the board level with the water.

Paddling — Proper paddling is like a forward crawl swimming stroke, but with arms out to the sides instead of over the shoulders. Cupped hands help to propel you and your board through the water.

Stance — Whether you’re “goofy foot” or natural, we’ll discover what stance is best for you and how you can continue to develop it.

Finding a wave — Once you’re out you’ll turn towards the beach and paddle forward together with the force of the wave, timing your entry. Once you catch it push yourself up into a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, back foot parallel to the back edge of the board and front foot at a 45-degree angle. Keep your arms out for steering and balance.

Here’s a typical schedule for surf lessons Portugal:

Lesson 1 — Safety intro and beach awareness followed by an explanation of surfing equipment, how to paddle, catch a wave, stand up and control your board.

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 2 — Class on standing up, how to catch your wave towards shore, stall and accelerate, followed lessons on “popping up” and improving your stance.

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 3 — Working on turning, back and forehand techniques, surf awareness and developing your style.

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 4 — Improving technique and linking turns

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 5 — Linking top and bottom turns, paddling out techniques, getting through white water, going over out of depth waves and coming out the back of waves.

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 6 — Riding unbroken waves, making angled takeoffs, sitting on your board plus timing and selecting waves.

Surf School Portugal

Lesson 7 — Making back and forehand turns on the face of the wave, how to use rip currents, surfing with hardboards and refining timing and wave selection.

Surfing Portugal

Lesson 8 — Try to stay on your board hhahha