Tiago Pires surfs Supertubes

Elite pro surfer Tiago Pires has pulled a ligament in his knee, possibly jeopardizing his performance on the ASP World Tour. Despite the potential seriousness of the injury, the 33-year old “Portuguese Tiger” is hopeful that he can rehabilitate his knee and be in tiptop shape by the next ASP event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Pires is quoted in Transworld Surf:

I’ve pulled a ligament in my left knee while surfing this past Saturday. Usually they predict four-to-six weeks with these type of injuries but I’m working hard everyday to recover for Rio. I’m doing two sessions of physiotherapy a day hoping that I can be close to 100% before the event.

–Tiago Pires

Tiago Pires’ home training ground is Ericeira, Portugal. He is also a fan of Supertubos aka Supertubes in Peniche. According to an article on Pires and Supertubos featured on Redbull.com, the legendary surf spot is largely “neglected” by the surf world outside the Ripcurl Pro event it hosts:

But not if you’re Tiago Pires. Tiago is from Portugal and his World Tour assault and smooth wraps have earned him legendary status in the Gentle Land. He doesn’t neglect Supertubes, ever. So when one of the best swells of the year exploded onto that Portuguese sand, guess who was there to ride it?

The article then links to a video on surfline.com of Pires riding Supertubes to near perfection. The video is part of Surfline’s “Wave of the Day” series. If you click on the link and don’t see the video, but are instead met with a proposal to join Surfline’s premium service or an advertisement, just be patient. It will go away and the video will load. It’s only a minute long, but well worth seeing, as Tiago Pires enters and then emerges from the tube against a foreground of Portuguese wild flowers. Keep watching the video and see why they call it Supertubos/Supertubes. It’s a thing of beauty.

Tiago Pires Supertubos

Tiago Pires gets Supertubed (screenshot from surfline.com video)

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